Yoon Seok-yeol’s side “The idea to get rid of the head of the general fleet”, Lee Jun-seok “There was no discussion”

Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for People’s Strength, answers questions from reporters before watching the match between the Doosan Bears and KT Wiz in the first game of the Korean Series held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul on the 14th. Parliamentary photojournalists

Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for the People’s Power, is fiddling with the card to eliminate the general election chief, who is known as the ‘real power’ of the Election Countermeasures Committee on the 14th. Kim Jong-in, former chairman of the Emergency Response Committee for People’s Power, will concentrate his authority on the general election countermeasures chairman, which is mentioned as a strong point, but will also broaden the participation of senior officials to obtain the effect of the ‘extended reorganization’ of the camp that candidate Yoon envisions. CEO Lee Jun-seok, who has been putting weight on the level of ‘camp dismantling’ with former Chairman Kim, drew a line saying, “There is no discussion.” It seems that the pain will continue until the very end over the sketches of the captain and Inseon.

Candidate Yoon’s work to form a senior squadron is expected to enter the final stage soon. Candidate Yoon met with reporters while visiting Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul to watch the first game of the Korean Series on the same day and said, “(The composition of the former captain) will take some time, so please watch it because it is going well.” However, on the 15th, Candidate Yoon is scheduled to attend the publication commemoration of former Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Candidate Yoon’s side is setting the outline of the election team to have a general fleet general manager for each of 4-5 areas such as policy, organization, function, and public relations, instead of removing the ‘one-person real-world’ general fleet head. A key official from Candidate Yoon’s side said in a phone call with a reporter, “As in the past, the secretary-general under the Election Countermeasures Committee is not in charge of everything (as the general election director), but is contemplating a plan to do it in parallel by field.”

Eliminating the position of the head of the general fleet division, which is one of the core elements of the fleet management committee, has the effect of preventing the conflict between personnel appointments over ‘who should entrust it to you’ in advance. It is interpreted as a ‘compromise’ of the nature of the ‘compromise’ offered to former Chairman Kim and Chairman Lee, who are wary of those close to the candidate Yoon appearing at the front of the election committee. Former Chairman Kim said, “You cannot play the role of a scarecrow. As he said (CBS Radio on the 12th), there is an analysis that the composition of a working-level organization has the meaning of paving the way before the official recruitment of former Chairman Kim.

It is unclear whether Candidate Yoon’s plan will be realized smoothly without additional nerve warfare. The key is how well the concept presented on this day will fit with the ‘little predecessor’ emphasized by former Chairman Kim and Chairman Lee. Candidate Yoon’s side also puts the meaning of having a general election chairperson for each field to open a way for more party leaders to participate. A key official said, “For example, if a third-term lawmaker assumes the role of the general election chairperson, it is difficult for seniors in the fourth or fifth term to come under him, so we want to eliminate it and establish a total power system.” It is right to create a structure.”

In the end, the specific edge line is the variable. Persons close to Candidate Yoon and those whom former Chairman Kim has in mind as ‘people who can work together’ may have differences of opinion over how important positions in the predecessor team are. Former Chairman Kim has demanded the clean-up of Yoon’s aides, saying, “After all, if you are surrounded by politicians of the past (you shouldn’t),” and “If you seem too obsessed with people, you will not succeed.”

CEO Lee drew a line saying, “It has not been discussed.” He met with reporters at the National Assembly that day and said, “There has been no discussion regarding that part, and the mentioned names of personnel have not come to me through an official channel, so I do not know the 4th general manager system or the words and organizations that ‘come and go’.” Regarding the report that Candidate Yoon’s side requested the replacement of the secretary-general, Lee said, “We have not discussed anything with the candidate.


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