Sunday, November 28

A woman’s body was found above the Warraq carousel

09:38 PM

Friday 19 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

The police forces found the body of an unidentified woman on the Ring Road in the Warraq area, north of Giza.

Major General Amr Talaat, director of the North Sector, received a signal from the police that the police found a dead body on the top of the Ring Road in the Warraq Police Station.

The initial examination revealed that the woman had fractures and sporadic abrasions, and she was deposited in the morgue of a nearby hospital, at the disposal of the Public Prosecution Office.

Policemen, led by Brigadier General Hani Shaarawy, head of the sector, review reports of collision accidents, in coordination with the traffic, to ascertain her death as a result of an accident or the existence of a criminal suspicion.

The necessary report on the incident was drawn up, and Major General Ragab Abdel Aal, Director of Giza Security, referred it to the Public Prosecution Office, which expedited the investigations of the mabahith.

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