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Because of his differences with his wife..a worker sets his apartment on fire and tries to commit suicide in Sharqia

12:48 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The security services of the Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of a fire in 3 shops in Sharqia.

Al-Hussainiya Police Station in the Sharkia Security Directorate received a report stating that a fire broke out in one of the apartments in the center’s district.

Immediately, we moved to the location of the report and paid the civil protection forces, where the fire was controlled and extinguished, and the examination revealed that a fire broke out in one of the apartments on the first floor in a property consisting of “ground and two upper floors” owned by (cafe worker – resident of the same property), where the aforementioned opened 4 gas cylinders in the hall and the bedroom and setting them on fire, trying to commit suicide due to his bad psychological condition due to his disagreements with his wife and leaving her and his sons home, which led to the outbreak of the fire and the collapse of the bedroom wall overlooking the street in the front of 3 shops below the property owned and it turned out that they belonged to 3 Persons.

As a result of the fire, (the owner of the aforementioned apartment – and his brother – and one of the people who “coincidentally passed under the property” – a shop worker) were all taken to a hospital to receive the necessary treatment, which resulted in burning the contents of the apartment and breaking the glass doors and windows of the shops referred to.

By asking the injured and the owners of the shops, they supported what was stated in the examination, and they also added the precedent that the owner of the apartment set fire to the apartment and prevented him, and by asking the owner of the apartment, he confessed to committing the incident as indicated.

The necessary legal measures have been taken.

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