Monday, November 29

Due to a dispute over drug trafficking.. 3 people were arrested for killing an unemployed man in Menoufia

03:55 PM

Friday 19 November 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The security services of the Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of the death of a person in Menoufia.

The Bajaur Police Station in the Menoufia Security Directorate received from (a person – a resident of the center district) that unknown persons in a car of my owners dumped the body of (his “brother” who is unemployed and “has criminal information”), which had a stab wound and abrasions to the neck in front of their residence, and they fled.

Immediately, a research team was formed headed by the Public Security Sector and with the participation of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Menoufia Security Directorate, its efforts reached to identify the car used in the commission of the incident, and it turned out that it belonged to the victim’s friend (has a diploma with “criminal information” – resident in the Sars El-Liyan Police Station Department It was also found that 3 people, “two of whom have criminal information”, were behind the crime.

After legalizing the procedures, they were targeted and could be arrested, and by confronting them, one of them decided that there were financial disputes between him and the victim over the drug trade because the victim owed him a sum of money, and that he evaded payment and sought the help of the rest of the accused. The meeting was in the Bajaur police station, and when the victim came to the agreed-upon place with his aforementioned friend in his car, the accused were waiting for him in the car of the owners of one of them driving. And he seized from him (two mobile phones – an amount of money), and they fled by car, driving one of them>

It was also possible to arrest the victim’s friend, and by confronting him, he supported the above and decided that after the victim was injured and the accused fled, he put the victim inside his car and called their friend (a driver “with criminal information” – residing in the Menouf Center district), who attended them, and they decided to go to the victim’s brother While they were on the road, he died of his injury. Upon their arrival in front of his brother’s residence, they threw his body and so he ran away. The second victim’s friend was arrested, and by confronting him, he supported the above as he instructed one of the accused about (the tool used – the two phones seized – an amount of money), and added by spending part of the money The occupant took care of his personal requirements, while one of them instructed him to drive the car and the victim’s friend about the car used to dump the body.

Legal measures were taken and the investigation began.

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