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“Health Care” participates in the (Medica) Forum in Germany

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Friday 19 November 2021

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

The Public Authority for Health Care has participated in the activities of the World Medicine Forum (MEDICA), the largest and most important forum and exhibition in the world in the field of health care for forty years ago, and its current session is being held for this year 2021 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The Health Care Authority, headed by Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority, Assistant to the Minister of Health and Population, and General Supervisor of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Project, indicated that companies from more than 66 Arab and international countries are participating in the forum exhibiting the latest scientific and technological technologies in the medical field, in addition to A number of international health experts, and more than 120,000 visitors from all over the world, participate in the forum, which enhances the discussion on various health topics and issues, and allows the exchange of visions and ideas among all participants specialized in the medical fields, to cooperate together in the continued development of the services and health care sector. Achieving the highest quality results in health care, and their conformity to the latest international standards.

The authority added that the World Medicine Forum includes viewing all that is new in the world of health care, by reviewing the latest medical devices and technologies used in the world of health care in the forum, in addition to presenting the latest diagnostic technologies in the field of laboratories and radiology, physical rehabilitation techniques and orthopedic surgery. Digital transformation and telecommunication in the medical fields, as well as the latest technologies for treating medical waste, the latest infection control techniques, and robotics technology in the medical field, in addition to holding workshops and educational lectures to benefit from the latest advances in modern technology services in the field of health services. and medical in the world.

And she continued: The representatives of the Health Care Authority in the forum, on behalf of Dr. Ahmed Al-Sabki, Chairman of the Authority’s Board of Directors, are Dr. Amr Abdel-Nabi, Advisor to the Executive Director of the Authority for Supply Affairs, Dr. Mustafa Hafez, Director of the Strategic Planning and Policies Department of the Authority and the General Coordinator of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Project for Affairs Technical and operational, by holding meetings with major international companies in the fields of smart robots and the latest technologies of digital transformation and telecommunication for health services, and the latest infection control technologies that enhance the quality of the health service and the safety and security of the patient and the medical team, as well as the treatment of hazardous medical waste with the latest global technology, with the aim of transferring expertise. And new innovations in the fields of health care, as well as the manufacturing of the latest high-tech medical devices, and the continued development of services and health care provided in its medical facilities in the governorates of the new comprehensive health insurance.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky stressed that the Health Care Authority is one of the main pillars for developing health care in Egypt, improving the quality of medical services for Egyptians and providing them with a decent life, as the state’s main arm in controlling, regulating and providing services and integrated health care for beneficiaries of the new comprehensive health insurance, the future of Egyptians’ health and achieving coverage Their comprehensive health, pointing out that health is one of the basic aspects of achieving prosperity and economic growth, with its great impact on other developmental aspects in countries.

Al-Sobki added that the Health Care Authority’s adoption of technology and digital solutions for health services has contributed to improving the work environment for service providers and facilitating citizens’ access to them in a framework of justice, integrity and transparency, expressing his pride in the Health Care Authority providing a lot of advanced and advanced medical service to beneficiaries of comprehensive health insurance in the governorates. Port Said, Luxor and Ismailia, using the latest treatment technologies and their compliance with the highest international quality standards.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky continued: The participation of the Health Care Authority in international medical and scientific conferences, forums and exhibitions comes within the framework of its support for all events concerned with health affairs and the support of the medical and treatment services system, which contributes to achieving its vision towards providing an advanced model of health care in Egypt with international quality, from Through the exchange and transmission of international knowledge and experiences, making the most of the experiences of others, and being informed of all that is new and innovations in the world of health care.

Al-Sobki pointed out that these international medical forums and conferences help to weave relations between all parties participating in the conference, whether from the government, private or civil sectors, and open new horizons for joint cooperation between these parties, and access to innovative ways that advance the health sector around the world, which contributes In creating opportunities for the healthcare authority to increase its competitiveness at the international level, and to enhance Egypt’s position globally.

Representatives of the Health Care Authority, Dr. Amr Abdel-Nabi and Dr. Mustafa Hafez, indicated that their participation in the World Medicine Forum (Medica), comes on behalf of Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority, who directed the necessity of participating in major international medical conferences to learn about new developments and innovations in the field of medicine. The field of health care, stressing that during the forum, the most prominent international experiences and modern technologies in the field of medicine, services and health care, and the uses of smart robots in surgical operations, with the aim of transferring expertise in the field of technology and digital solutions for health services, in line with the aspirations of the Health Care Authority to enhance the march of The health sector and achieving global competitiveness in this vital and important sector for a better health future in the coming years.

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