Monday, November 29

In the names.. 9 citizens were injured in a microbus overturning in the lake

12:08 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Buhaira – Ahmed Nasra:

Today, Friday, 9 people were injured in a microbus accident on the agricultural highway, in Kafr Al-Dawwar, Beheira Governorate.

Ambulances went to the site of the accident, and it was found that Adham Ashraf Moselhi, 20, Amir Ramadan Abdel Moneim Muhammad, 19, Ali Al-Sayed Ali Hassan, 71, Islam Hassan Ali, 32, Muhammad Al-Sayed Sobhi, 28, and Mahmoud Ahmed Hussein, 47, were injured. Mustafa Abdel Karim Mahmoud, 39 years old, Salim Mansour Rajab, 29 years old, and Haya Shaaban Muhammad, 28 years old.

The injured were transferred to Damanhour Teaching Hospital, and the necessary report was issued.

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