Princess Camilla: It was great to meet some people in Ezbet Khairallah

04:57 PM

Friday 19 November 2021


Princess Camilla, Duchess of Coronol, praised her visit to Ezbet Khairallah after inspecting several projects concerned with women’s empowerment, as part of the visit of British Prince Charles with his wife Camilla to Egypt.

She said through the official account of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla: “It was wonderful to meet some of the people in Ezbet Khayrallah!”

Ezbet Khairallah witnessed a huge reception for the British princess, as the women were keen to take memorial photos with her, and also witnessed a week party for one of the estate’s citizens, which was held on the roof of one of the houses, amid a state of jubilation, joy, singing and dancing on folk songs.
The Duchess of Cornwall visited community projects in Ezbet Khairallah, and heard the experiences of inspiring women who have been able to change their lives through eco-friendly micro-projects that help reduce climate change.

This comes within the framework of their two-day visit to Egypt, which began on Thursday. They were received by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Khaled El-Anany, who accompanied them on a tour of the region.

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