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Today.. the lawsuit to cancel the ban on veiled women from going down to swimming pools in clubs was considered

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Saturday 20 November 2021

Books – Tarek Samir:

Today, Saturday, the First Circuit of Rights and Freedoms in the State Council will hear Case No. 55949 of 75 BC, which was filed by a lawyer to stop discrimination practiced by clubs and hotels against veiled women, including preventing them from going into swimming pools with their headscarves.

Muhammad Hamid Salem, the lawyer and the plaintiff, demanded to stop the implementation and cancel the negative management decision to refrain from taking legal measures and all necessary measures to eliminate all forms of discrimination, with the consequences of that, most notably obligating the government to submit a draft law to the House of Representatives regulating this, And the establishment of a commission to eliminate all forms of discrimination mentioned in Article 53 of the Constitution for the passage of more than 8 years without appearing to the light.

The case’s engine said that oppression and bullying of women were the most prominent motives that motivated him to file a lawsuit banning women from wearing the headscarf and Islamic swimsuits in some hotels and public facilities, considering that this is a form of extremism, as he put it.

In the lawsuit, “Salem” stressed that it is one of the personal rights of the veiled woman to move freely with her veil inside those places and others, and to practice all activities and her veil also within them without prejudice to her or detracting from her rights, calling for the administrative authority to issue a black list of clubs and hotels that violate this and publish it in the newspapers.

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