Tomorrow.. the final competition of the “She Leads” program, in the presence of the Ministers of Education, Solidarity and Immigration

07:37 PM

Friday 19 November 2021


The “Young Leaders” Foundation will launch tomorrow, Saturday, the final competition for the “She Leads” program for the second year in a row, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, in the presence of Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, and Dr. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council for Women And Suha Al-Saeed, a senator from the Coordination of Youth of Parties and Politicians, Dr. Amr Othman, Assistant Minister of Social Solidarity and Director of the Fund for Combating and Treatment of Addiction and Abuse, a delegation from the Coordination of Youth of Parties and Politicians, and Representative Ahmed Fathi, Member of Parliament and Executive Director of the Youth Leaders Foundation.

The “She Leads” program is the first of its kind in Egypt, as it supports technical education students by developing their skills and ideas and transforming them into stable sources of income through modern trainings designed to develop their personal and practical skills, and to form a link between students and the private and governmental sectors, and the media, to adopt Support and highlight their projects.

50 students participated in the competition, last year, and the ideas of the teams turned into projects on the ground and participated in various exhibitions and events. This year, after the program met with great success, the program completed its second session with an increase in the number of participants from 4 art schools in Cairo and Ismailia, where the program expanded “She leads” in his search for future female entrepreneurs and was present in a school in Ismailia Governorate, and 100 female students were selected out of 500 applicants from different technical schools, with a total of 27 projects out of 150 advanced projects, divided into 3 areas: the field of handicrafts and art – the field Fashion and fashion – the field of innovations.

After the students have completed an intensive development journey to develop their skills through training at the highest level, and develop their projects with the help of entrepreneurship experts and different fields, the Foundation will launch the closing ceremony for this session of the program.

Tomorrow’s events are scheduled to include the final arbitration of the projects, and a dialogue session with Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, and Dr. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council, followed by an announcement and honoring ceremony for the winning teams and the distribution of prizes that this year amount to up to 100 thousand pounds.

The support of the Youth Leaders Foundation and the sponsoring companies for the students of the program continues after the closing ceremony, by providing support and advice, nominating their projects for appropriate opportunities and following up on their development.

It is noteworthy that the Youth Leaders Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to search for young leaders to develop their skills, work on finding solutions for community development and create new generations capable of social, political and administrative leadership through qualifying these young cadres to lead in the fields of leadership. The Foundation works through three main programs, namely, the Leaders Program to support Egyptian university students with leadership skills, to achieve real and sustainable development in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Student activities platform to support student activities and their activities that contribute to achieving community development.

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