Monday, November 29

[공덕포차] “Kim Gun-hee stock price manipulation, should I do it? Aren’t you going to do it?” (feat. Write Fairy)

“Does Kun-hee Kim intervene in stock price manipulation? Aren’t you going to do it?” ‘Next-generation leader’ Kim Seong-hoe, spokesman for the Open Democratic Party, asked a surprise question to former lawmaker Kim Kyung-jin, an ‘ever-timed drinker’ who visited 〈Gongdeokpocha〉! Former lawmaker Kim, the ‘Sweet Fairy’ who drank wheat one after another, threw out a glass of wine and said, “I’ll tell you the truth if you drink it,” throwing a sly smile. Kim Gun – hee ‘s suspicion of ‘ stock price manipulation ‘ listened to by ‘ the fairy tale ‘ ! do you want to don’t you do it? Check it out right now in 〈 Gongdeok Pocha Season 3 〉

Gongdeok Pocha Season 3″ alt=” Gongdeok Pocha Season 3″ />

Gongdeok Pocha Season 3

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