A citizen’s congratulations to the President of Egypt

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Certainly, I and the Egyptians with me, wish His Excellency, on the occasion of a new year in his life, to give him health and wellness to continue his mighty effort daily and around the clock to make sure that his dream for the Egyptians comes true.

I think that I and a large sector of Egyptians with me wish with each year that our president at the level of executive work as well as at the level of localities and field work find more officials with the same determination and hard work in order to spread the values ​​of sincere follow-up, and I imagine that I and a larger sector of Egyptians hope that the new year will come to Mr. The President, and we began to approach $100 billion in the volume of our exports, to say at the time: Yes, our industry has developed and our competitive advantages have increased, and then our income from foreign currencies increases our balance in the cash reserve, and most importantly is the increase in job opportunities for Egypt’s youth.

I think that among the elements of the congratulatory cables sent by citizens to the President is that each one, according to his position, continues to work to increase the demand for investment in our country, both from the Egyptian private sector with the capacity to absorb Egyptian labor, as well as from the side of foreign investment, especially since we have provided an investment climate and safety, but the practical climate remains throughout the governorates of Egypt, assimilation, flexibility, and reading the map of investment attraction in the world and around us.

And I imagine, along with many others writing in the congratulatory telegram, that the number of our youth and scholars will increase abroad. I knew that China annually sends 750,000 young people to major universities in Europe and America. Interaction and exchange of experiences add to the journey of developing education and practical research in Egypt, especially in the fields of modern sciences, especially as I remember Mr. President’s request that we establish a university relationship only with universities ranked in the fifty centers at the level the scientist. I am writing the elements of this congratulations in accordance with the nature of the practical, serious and always welcoming personality of the President, with every effort, thought, suggestion and opinion that adds to the map of achievement that is being achieved on the land of Egypt. It is a telegram of love and humanitarian wishes from one person to another, and at the same time a telegram of wishes from a citizen who is optimistic about the future and capabilities of his country.


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