Monday, November 29

A driver was arrested for stealing money from a woman’s bag in Cairo

11:05 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Books – Sameh Ghaith:

The security services of the Ministry of Interior arrested a driver for stealing a sum of money from a woman’s bag in Cairo.

Al-Waili Police Department in the Cairo Security Directorate had received a report from (one of the women, residing in the department’s department), that after she withdrew a sum of money from a bank in the Abdeen Police Department, she took a taxi to deliver it to her area of ​​residence, and the driver saw the amount inside The bag, and as soon as it came down, I was surprised that the driver had snatched the money from inside the bag.

By conducting investigations and gathering information, it was possible to identify the car used in the commission of the incident and it was found that it was (rented) and its driver (has criminal information).

After legalizing the procedures, he was arrested as he got into the car used to commit the incident, and by confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, instructed part of the amount of money and added the rest of the amount to be spent on his personal requirements.

By summoning the victim, she identified the accused and accused him of theft, and legal measures were taken.

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