Beheira Governor: We faced the rain with 1262 stomachs, and the Shubra tunnel was the only obstacle before us

11:00 pm

Saturday 20 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Major General Hisham Amna, Governor of Beheira, said that the wave of bad weather that hit the governorates of the northern coasts and the delta has been well prepared from the beginning, as the governorate’s executive bodies are facing the sharp wave of weather fluctuations with about 1,262 prepared inside the governorate, in addition to full coordination between civil water, irrigation traffic devices and the water company And enchanting all possibilities for the benefit of the governorate’s cities and villages.”

“Amna” added, in a telephone interview to the “A Final Word” program on the “ONE” channel, this evening, Saturday, that the crisis began yesterday at exactly eight thirty in the evening in the south of the governorate in the direction of Abu al-Matamir and West Nubariya on the Alexandria Desert Road, which witnessed heavy rain. It is very difficult and we were able to deal with it efficiently, explaining that the rain covered all of the governorate from the early morning after mid-afternoon until three in the afternoon without stopping, and it was very heavy in its torrential rains.

He continued, that while dealing with the wave of bad weather, they faced a situation where the electricity was disrupted in the “Shubra” tunnel area in Damanhour, and water accumulated in the tunnel within half an hour, which prompted them to make traffic diversions to other places and axes. This obstacle.

And the governor of the lake added: “The crisis ended within two hours, and we were able to operate the tunnel again, and we were able to scrape and drain large quantities of water,” explaining that the situation returned to bad again with the renewed heavy rains this evening, especially in the north direction, saying: “The rain continues from the morning an amount of rain. heavy”.

He explained: “The amount of rain that falls is not evil, but good, because the devices were able to direct them to banks and canals in the lake, and they are used in farms, because the governorate is cultivating 2 million acres,” explaining that no reports of water intrusion into village homes were received. “Shubra” tunnel in Damanhour, “stressing that he resorted to cutting off the public lighting in all parts of the governorate in the streets to avoid electrocutions.

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