By the numbers.. The results of the Olympic club elections and the formation of the board of directors – photos

06:34 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed El-Badri:
Today, Saturday, the Judicial Committee supervising the Olympic Club elections in Alexandria announced that Nasser El-Shazly, the international swimming champion, won the position of club president, for the electoral cycle (2021-2025).

The formation of the Olympic Club’s board of directors for the electoral cycle (2021-2025), Nasser El-Shazly, as Chairman, with 6706 votes, Magda Helbawi, Vice-President, with 4,600 votes, Hassan Mofid, Treasurer, with 6,225 votes.

The over-age membership seats were decided by Wael Irair, with 5607 votes, Assem Zaghloul, 5453 votes, Ihab Al-Kass, 4286 votes, Ahmed Saeed Qutb, 4130 votes, Hisham Hamdi, 3748 votes.
And the two seats of the council’s membership under the age were won by Ahmed Abu Zahra, with a result of 6122 votes, and Muhammad Essam 3,630 votes.

The number of attendees was 13,183 out of a total of 30,913 eligible voters, while voting took place in 35 sub-committees of the club under full judicial supervision.

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