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Curfew imposed in Guadeloupe after protests against health certificate

03:51 PM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Paris – (AFP):

On Friday, the French province of Guadeloupe imposed an immediate curfew between six in the evening and five in the morning, after widespread protests, road closures, burning of buildings and vehicles and the closure of schools, in denial of the health certificate.

Guadeloupe Governor Alexandre Rochat explained that the measure would remain in force until November 23 “in light of the ongoing social movements and acts of vandalism in the French overseas department”, according to his office.

In a statement, he said he made the decision conscious of “burning public property, erecting roadblocks and throwing stones at the police,” forbidding the sale of fuel in cans.

Earlier, the government decided to send two hundred police and gendarmerie “in the coming days” to support the security forces, while violence and siege increased.

New barriers were erected Friday evening in Bas-Terre in Guadeloupe, which were quickly removed by police. The demonstrators re-erected it.

Firefighting teams and a police source told AFP that four buildings in the city, which includes many wooden houses, caught fire at night after looting.

A group of unions and civil organizations called for protests five days ago against the health certificate and the obligation to vaccinate medical staff.

After a night of rioting, schools remained closed on Friday and movement slowly returned to the area due to the many checkpoints.

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