Director of the “2 Enough” project: We knocked on doors 8 million times… and the response of families is very large

11:23 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Books – Mohamed Gomaa:

Desiree Labib, director of the “2 Enough” project at the Ministry of Solidarity, said that the number of NGOs participating in the project amounted to 108, with a total of 1,146 volunteer social educators.

Desiree added, during an interview with “Extra News” channel, today, Saturday, that the volunteers were trained to respond to false health and religious concepts, as well as training on door-knocking visits, and effective community communication methods.

The director of the “2 Kifaya” project stated that the project carried out 8 million visits, “knocking on doors”, resulting in 1.3 million families visiting family planning clinics. Follow-up: “This is a huge and very large number. They were convinced and went to family planning clinics or to 2 Kifaya clinics.”

Desiree pointed out that female volunteers work in many governorates, and the poorest governorates have the highest rates of childbirth.

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