Google celebrates International Children’s Day by changing its main interface

06:18 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:
On the morning of Saturday, November 20, the search site “Google” celebrated “International Children’s Day”, and the search engine replaced its main interface with an image drawn with flowers on the ground.

It is noteworthy that the International Day for the Protection of Children has been celebrated on June 1 since 1950, and the International Women’s Democratic Federation established the celebration of this day at its conference held in Moscow on November 4, 1949.

On November 20 of each year, the countries of the world celebrate Universal Children’s Day, as recommended by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, that all countries hold a Universal Children’s Day to be celebrated as a day of fraternity and understanding on a global scale among children.

On this day, the United Nations declared the Law of the Rights of the Child, and also set November 5 as the International Day of the Child, preceded and followed by a number of international agreements on the rights of the child.

This occasion aims to emphasize the rights of children to live in a safe and suitable environment without exploiting them in work or politics, or anything that distorts their age.​

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