Sunday, November 28

He hanged himself.. A young man committed suicide due to a psychological crisis in Gharbia

11:52 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Gharbia – Marwa Shaheen:

A young man committed suicide by hanging in his room in the village of Al-Karsa, located in the center of Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, because he was in a bad psychological condition.

Major General Hani Owais, Director of Gharbia Security, had received a notification from the Police Rescue Service that the body of a young man had committed suicide in his house in the village of Al-Karsa, affiliated to Tanta Center.

The security forces moved to the scene of the incident, and the body was examined, and it was found that it was of a young man named “MA” in his second decade of life. He was hanged by a bed sheet tied to the ceiling of his room. bad.

The Public Prosecution Office was notified of the incident to take legal measures, and a report was drawn up on the incident.

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