In pictures, the governor of Aswan inspects the effects of the floods and directs the removal of garbage accumulations

01:44 PM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Aswan – Ehab Omran:

Major General Ashraf Attia, the governor of Aswan, instructed officials to expedite the removal of the effects and repercussions of the floods that hit the governorate, and to remove the accumulation of garbage and waste from the main and internal streets, and in the middle of neighborhoods and residential areas.

Aswan’s governor instructed the mayors of the cities, to go through the field, to follow up the efforts made in various regions, roads, streets and axes to avoid any observations with the speed of work to work on transforming Al-Salam neighborhood, within which the residential buildings are located, designated for the establishment and housing of families affected by the repercussions of the floods into an attractive area for sustainable development, and an integrated urban community Services and facilities, and activating the services complex to include a bakery for municipal living and outlets for the sale of food, basic and consumer goods within 8 shops with a nursery for children, a book fair, a post office, a mosque and a health unit, in addition to completing and preparing the rest of the housing units to receive any numbers of affected families.

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