Monday, November 29

January 23.. 12 defendants were sentenced in the “ISIS Agouza” case

04:38 PM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Books – Ramadan Younes:

Circuit 5 of Terrorism, in the Emergency Supreme State Security Court in the Tora Courts Complex, headed by Counselor Muhammad Al-Saeed Al-Sherbiny, decided to book the trial of 12 defendants in Case No. 143 of 2021 Emergency State Security Felonies, known in the media as “Agoza ISIS”, for the January 23 hearing, with the continuation of the verdict. Imprisonment of the accused.

The Public Prosecution stated that during the period from 2013 until January 2017, the first accused assumed leadership in a terrorist group with the purpose of calling for a breach of the current order and endangering the safety, interests and security of society.

The investigations revealed that the defendants from the second to the last had repented of a terrorist group with their knowledge of its purposes, and that the defendants from the first to the seventh and also the twelfth had financed a terrorist group with money and information with the intent of using them in terrorist crimes.

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