Lebanon: Deadline for expatriates to register to vote in elections ends

12:54 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Lebanon – (AA)

The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the end of the deadline for the registration of Lebanese not residing on Lebanese soil to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections next year, at twelve o’clock midnight Beirut time, and consequently the process of voter registration has stopped in all continents on the website and in Lebanese diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement on Saturday evening that the number of registered voters until the end of the deadline exceeded all expectations and reached 244,442 Lebanese after the registration closed, compared to 92,810 in the last elections.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry explained that this heavy turnout came as a result of the expatriates’ attachment to their motherland and the importance of their participation in these elections, appreciating this turnout to participate in these elections.

She praised the efforts made by all the Lebanese missions and their employees, in addition to the joint committee of the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs to prepare for the elections.

She pointed out that the Ministry of Interior will issue the preliminary electoral lists after the completion of the audit of the lists of the registered, to be circulated by missions abroad to expatriates to ensure the correctness of the restrictions and data.


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