Minister of Awqaf: Whoever falls short in his job duties eats unfairness

01:38 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Cairo- (AA):
The Minister of Awqaf, Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Gomaa, affirmed that whoever fails in his work eats illegally, and that evading the duties of job work is a moral embezzlement of money, and everyone should investigate transparency and integrity in what they do.

This came during his meeting with (90) middle commands in the regional directorates at the level of the Republic, today, Friday, at Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq camp in Alexandria; To discuss some aspects of advocacy and administrative work and current issues, and to listen to the opinion of these field leaders on a number of important issues related to mosque affairs and advocacy work, in the presence of Dr. Good beauty, taking into account the preventive controls, precautionary measures and social distancing.

The Minister of Endowments said that the decision to prevent placing any donation boxes in mosques, and to prevent receiving any cash money other than through non-cash payment in official bank accounts, aims to govern donations in mosques.

He pointed out that the ministry cares about imams in form and content in terms of providing them with a decent dress and attention to qualitative and distinguished cumulative qualification and training programs, stressing that there is a boom in the cultural level of imams, and that he has been very pleased with the progress of the imams’ level of science, through their participation in the various competitions held by the ministry, Among these competitions is the Free Reading Competition, where the mothers of books were selected, such as the books: (Al-Majmoo’ by Imam Al-Nawawi – and the Characteristics by Ibn Jinni – and Mughni Al-Labib by Ibn Hisham – and for the sake of clarification by Sheikh Abdul-Mutaal Al-Saeedi), and a large number of imams passed their tests with great distinction.

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