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Small singing talents.. Mohamed and Maya, who have special abilities, dazzle the audience of the “Awladna” forum

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Saturday 20 November 2021

Written and photographed by Shorouq Ghoneim:

For the past months, the two youngsters have been preparing for the big event, for the first time performing on stage in front of an audience, an exceptional moment they have always dreamed of. White dress, Maya Muhammad, and a black suit decorated with a green bow tie, Muhammad Osama sat in preparation for their paragraph, at the Awladna Art Forum for People with Disabilities, and while the world was preparing to celebrate International Children’s Day, the two children chanted, “I am a person like your uniform, I have the right to life.” .

Universal Children’s Day was declared in 1954 as a global occasion celebrated on November 20 of each year, and since 1990, Universal Children’s Day has been celebrated as the anniversary of the date of the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention related to it.

In front of the stage, the family of the two children stood, chanting loudly, “All people encourage you, Hamoudi and Maya.” Mohamed Lamasrawy, “All the artistic activities she does among her colleagues, but the first time she stays in front of new people.”


The mother concealed the feeling of tension so as not to infiltrate her child’s breath. She continued to support her with her words, while Maya, the seven-year-old, asked, “Mama, when is my turn?” With enthusiasm, the little girl went out, accompanied by her friend, Muhammad, to the stage, waiting for the music to start. .


Behind the scenes, Mahasin Muhammad, a specialist in rehabilitation for people with disabilities inside the Nidaa Association, stood with a feeling of pride every time I looked at the two young ones, I tried to stay in the surroundings of the place, “I was trying to stay away from the stage so that they feel my presence and there is no tension”, while I chanted to encourage them, “It’s nicer.” They need to be themselves, and this is what attracted those who are present.”

The attendees raised their mobile phones, trying to document the energy of joy that emanates from the soul of the two young ones, and the mixture of words with music, “I am a human being like you, I have my right to life… and as you are, your heart rejoices, let my heart rejoice with you… Take me to your world, live me, and in the light of your joy, spread me.”

I met the little specialist Maya years ago, and although she is no longer in the association because she joined the Al-Noor and Al-Amal School for the Blind, the communication continues between the merits and the student in the second grade of primary school.


On the bench, Muhammad Osama sat, while his mother was trying to prepare the little Babion with which he adorned his neck, recounting the lyrics of the song with him, and supporting him before going on stage for the first time. But the eight-year-old was not afraid of the experiment, but rather went spontaneously in his paragraph, to impress all those present.

The young man carries multiple talents, says Mahasin, as he participates in a number of activities within the association, such as music and artistic rehabilitation, “each child has a special program according to his needs, and Muhammad began drawing with us for the blind, and motor rehabilitation.”


The association was established in 1997, as it deals with children with multiple disabilities, and its headquarters is in Cairo, while it has other branches in Alexandria, Aswan and Mansoura. Cognitive, motor and self-care.

The association is trying to publish rehabilitation programs for children with multiple disabilities, in different places, so it concluded a protocol with the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the American Perkins Rehabilitation Foundation, to open five classes that serve young people in schools, “so that it is not only limited to disabilities from deaf or blind people”, as well as About another protocol with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to educate specialists in other centers for the rehabilitation of young people with multiple disabilities.


During the past months, work within “Nidaa” was in full swing. The music coach and association chose Maya and Muhammad to represent them in the forum, despite their failure to perform abroad before “the two like to sing very much, the letters are correct and they are able to memorize the songs.” With enthusiasm, as soon as the lyrical paragraph ended, the youngsters jogged towards their family, and “Mays Mahasin” was happy, wondering about the audience’s reactions, “we heard them ceiling for us a lot.”


The singing segment ended, but it increased the youngsters’ passion and joy for their talent, while their families were grateful for the experience, as it brought the two children out of their shame and were able to perform in front of a new audience.

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