Sunday, November 28

Song Young-gil, Yoon Seok-yeol admits to mistake in remarking ‘dollar yen’… express regret

On the 20th, Song Yeong-gil, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea and the permanent election committee chairperson, finally apologized to Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for the power of the people. Parliamentary photojournalists

On the 20th, Song Young-gil, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, finally apologized to Yoon Seok-yeol, the People’s Power presidential candidate.

In a text message sent to reporters on the same day, Song’s representative said, “CEO Song acknowledged the mistake and expressed regret for the remarks related to the currency placed on the stone of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.”

At the ‘National Solidarity for Economic Democratization and Peaceful Reunification’ held at the National Assembly the day before, in the 2021 regular general meeting, Song compared the growth environment of Candidate Jae-myung Lee and Candidate Yoon, and said to Candidate Yoon, “For the first birthday party, the yen is not our money. Yoon Seok-yeol was born as the son of a wealthy Yonsei University professor (Yoon Ki-joong, emeritus professor of economics at Yonsei University) who was so close to Japan that he was placed on a stone wall.”

In response, Candidate Yoon’s side strongly objected, saying, “It is a false statement that cannot be made as a representative of the Republican Party.”

On the 20th, Lee Yang-soo, senior spokesperson for the Candidate’s Election Countermeasures Committee for Candidate Yoon, said, “The currency placed on the candidate’s stone is not yen, but a thousand bills issued by the Bank of Korea.” Senior Spokesperson Lee also demanded, “CEO Song should immediately withdraw his false remarks and apologize.”

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