“The first in 15 years” .. the British ambassador in Cairo on the visit of Prince Charles and the Duchess Camilla to Egypt

12:24 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

The British Ambassador to Cairo, Gareth Bailey, commented on the visit of Prince Charles, the Crown Prince of Britain and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall, the Duchess Camilla, to Egypt, saying: “This visit is the first in 15 years in 2006 during their honeymoon with the beautiful memories that period holds. “.

“Billy” said in a telephone interview to the “Final Word” program on “ONE” this evening, Saturday, that the Prince and Duchess of Camilla touched in their visit to Egypt a significant difference compared to the first visit in 2006, where Egypt is witnessing a remarkable development in its size and change for the future.

He continued, “They see that Egypt has great potential, for example, in the field of renewable energy, wind and solar energy. They see Egypt as a great power in renewable energy and the green revolution in front of the peoples of the world.”

Prince Charles, the British crown prince and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess Camilla, concluded a two-day visit to Cairo and Alexandria on their first foreign tour after the Corona epidemic, and Jordan was its first stop, followed by Egypt.

During their visit, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla emphasized key messages related to the need to preserve the environment, reduce climate change, promote interfaith dialogue, empower women and youth, and celebrate heritage and culture.


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