Monday, November 29

The Future Forum hosts announcing the winners of the Zaki Omar Prize.. Tuesday

05:00 am

Saturday 20 November 2021

The Future Forum for Thought and Creativity will host the announcement ceremony for the poet Zaki Omar (1938/1986), next Tuesday, at six thirty in the evening, at the headquarters of the Tagammu Party.

Where the short list reached ten poets to its final stage, and they are: (Ahmed Abdel-Rahman, Ahmed Salem, Iman Ahmed, Tiam El-Shafei, Abdel-Rahman Bakhit, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Mai Sayed, Mohamed Ruby, Mohamed Al-Hosary, Hana Al-Wasif).

During the ceremony, the critic and poet Shaaban Youssef, Secretary-General of the award, announces the names of the first winners (first – second – third place) to be awarded shields of honor, and the seven poets who did not succeed in the first edition of the competition will be awarded certificates of appreciation.

The ceremony will be attended by members of the General Secretariat and the Advisory Board of the award: (Mahmoud Awadin, former undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, poet Muhammad El-Sherbiny, poet Nour Suleiman, poet Abdo Al-Zaraa, poet Awad Al-Sheikh, researcher Muhammad Al-Hadi, poet Ahmed Al-Sharif and writer Khairy Hassan).

The jury, which bore the burden of the first stages of the competition, will attend (Dr. Sherine El-Adawy, poetess Rasha Al-Fawal, poet Ahmed Shaaban, poet Sherif Salah and poet Azza Riad).

The ceremony will be held at the headquarters of the Tagammu Party in central Cairo, and it will be attended by Sayed Abdel Aal, head of the Tagammu Party, a member of the Senate, and many public figures, poets, writers, media professionals, journalists and artists.

Dr. Yousry Abdullah, founder of the Future Forum for Thought and Creativity, will deliver a speech in which he will talk about Zaki Omar’s creative journey, and Dr. Amal Zaki Omar will give a family speech, and the ceremony will be presented by the writer and poet Amal Salem.

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