The night when “Cradis” cried… the death of a bride, her sister-in-law, and her uncle on the wedding night

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Saturday 20 November 2021

Eastern – Heba Al-Qassas:

She wore the white dress and waited for her next knight to take her from the hairdresser to the marital nest in Sharqia, but her joy was not complete and death kidnapped her, along with the groom’s sister and uncle, so that the joy turned into a funeral, amid a state of sadness among the people of Karadis village in Derb Nejm.

“Awad,” an eyewitness from the village, said that Mai Muhammad Morsi’s wedding turned into a funeral a few hours after her husband, Saeed and Wajdi, left the marital nest, heading to the hairdresser’s shop in the city to take the bride home, amid the ululations of the people.

“Awad” said that the bride’s family prepared the “kosha”, attended the funerals, and played songs, waiting for the bride’s car, which was late and did not come.

While Mr. Nimr, from the village, said that the ululations turned into screaming and wailing, and the cars started rushing to the hospital to check on the newlyweds.

Dozens of villagers and friends of the newlyweds rushed to discover the death of the bride, her 16-year-old sister-in-law, and the groom’s uncle, who was driving the car back with them to the wedding ceremony, while it turned out that the only survivor, the groom, was battling death in intensive care and his condition was very dangerous.

Residents: The road caused the accident

Hani Fouda, the mayor of Karadis village, said that the road from Derb Negm to the village is unpaved and has many technical problems and abnormal files, and witnesses many accidents, especially from motorcyclists. For the death of everyone except for the groom, who is lying in the intensive care unit.

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