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Thwarting the smuggling of 88,000 euros, which an Egyptian passenger hid in his shoes at the airport

12:03 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Obaid:

Cairo International Airport customs thwarted an attempt to smuggle 88,000 euros, which an Egyptian passenger hid in his shoes upon his arrival from Italy, to mislead customs officers and transit with the seizures. He was arrested and legal action was taken with him.

And it turned out that during the completion of the procedures for inspecting passengers arriving on EgyptAir flight, flight No. 792 from Rome, Ahmed Agamy, the customs officer, suspected an Egyptian passenger carrying two bags, and the passenger’s bags were passed on the X-ray machine with the knowledge of Youssef Massad, the examining officer. Similar and repeated densities and the suspicion was confirmed, and by submitting to Hussein Heikal and Hamdi Hafez, the two deputy directors of the administration, they decided to assign Amani Abdullah, the customs officer, under the supervision of Hani Abu Taleb, the Director of the Traffic Department, to inspect the passenger’s bags, and Amir Mahmoud Hassanein to search for the passenger by self. It was found that there were 88,500 euros hidden inside the shoes and between The folds of the clothes with his bags and inside the clothes he wears.

Ahmed Ali, the Director of Customs, decided to take legal measures and write a customs seizure report, and the passenger was handed over the equivalent of 10 thousand dollars allowed by law, in implementation of the instructions of Shahat Ghaturi, Head of the Customs Authority, to tighten control over all airports and customs outlets, and thwart all customs evasion attempts.

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