Today’s weather.. Heavy rain accompanied by hail

11:02 AM

Saturday 20 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Meteorological Authority said that the country is witnessing a state of instability in the north of the country, up to Greater Cairo and northern Upper Egypt.

bad weather peak

The Meteorological Authority said, in a statement, a while ago, that the peak of the instability would be today.

Weather.. Thunder clouds on the northern coasts advancing to Lower Egypt

high rain

The meteorology added: It is expected that moderate to heavy rains, sometimes thunderstorms, will continue to fall on separate areas of the northern coasts and northern Lower Egypt, accompanied by the fall of hail in some areas.

Thunderstorms accompanied by hail .. Urgent warning from meteorology due to the weather

wind activity

The winds associated with clouds are also active in separate areas, and winds are active on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, disturbing the maritime traffic there.

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