Ali Al-Mohannadi: The Sharjah and Cairo Book Fairs are evidence of the ability of Arabs to coexist with Corona

07:12 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Ali Ahmed Al Mohannadi, writer and novelist, said that the Sharjah Book Fair was an important title for Arab culture, which confirms that we are witnessing a great cultural renaissance in that period.

Al-Mohannadi added, in press statements, that despite the Corona pandemic, which led to the closure and cancellation of many artistic and cultural events in all countries of the world, Sharjah’s organization of the book fair, and Cairo before it, demonstrated the ability of Arab countries to deal with the pandemic.

The writer pointed out that Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have proven their ability to coexist with the Corona virus crisis, and we witnessed in Egypt the Cairo International Book Fair, and in Sharjah likewise, and in Saudi Arabia the Riyadh season.

Al-Mohannadi explained that the return of cultural events is very important, not only for the intellectuals, but it restores a lot of business, and opens the door for the economy to recover.

Al-Mohannadi added that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are leading a great economic and cultural movement, and the Arab citizen will soon feel its fruits economically, socially and culturally.​

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