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An obituary statement and false statements.. the fact that two workers died due to bad weather in Alexandria

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Sunday 21 November 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer and Mohamed El-Badri:

Major General Mahmoud Nafeh, head of the Alexandria Sanitation Company, denied what was raised about the death of two sanitation company workers in the governorate while they were scavenging rainwater.

Nafeh said, in a statement, today, Sunday, and published by the company’s official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, that two workers affiliated with the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company in Luxor Governorate died two days ago.

The head of the Alexandria Sanitation Company confirmed that there are no human losses in the company except for the injury of a worker while he was working, stationed in front of the Azure Hotel, and he was transferred to the hospital.

He pointed out that all the company’s employees are deployed around the clock at work sites in all areas of Alexandria – according to the statement.

An obituary statement sparked a crisis

The engineer, Ahmed Gaber, head of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, had posted an obituary on the company’s official page on “Facebook” stating: “The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company and its employees mourns 2 employees of the sewage company.”

The obituary – which did not specify the governorate to which the workers belonged and whether or not it was Alexandria – caused some to believe that they died due to the bad weather wave in Alexandria – knowing that the company later deleted the obituary.

The Alexandria Sanitation Company, through the WhatsApp group dedicated to the media, denied the death of any of its employees due to bad weather, saying only that the incident was in another governorate.

false statements

In a telephone interview, with the “evening dmc” program, broadcast on the dmc screen, today, Saturday, Dr. Khaled Qassem, Assistant Minister of Local Development, and a spokesman for the ministry, said that the wave of bad weather that hit the country, caused the death of two workers responsible for disbursing Rain accumulations in Alexandria Governorate.

Qassem said that he had just read a post by Engineer Ahmed Gaber, head of the Alexandria Water and Sanitation Company, mourning two fellow workers in the company, who died while performing their job duties and working in draining water pools.

A large number of media outlets quoted the statements of a spokesman for the Ministry of Local Development, without verifying their authenticity, so that the sewage company quickly issued an official statement denying the incident and confirming that it took place two days ago in Luxor Governorate.

Esna wastewater

By research, it was found that two workers at the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company in Esna, south of Luxor, died on November 18, after they fell into a sewage yard while cleaning it.

The accident resulted in the death of “Mohamed Abdel Wahab,” 19, and “Ahmed Jaber Ibrahim,” 27, sanitary sewage workers, who live in Esna, Luxor Governorate.​

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