‘Another tale ripple’ headwinds Democratic Party… Song Young-gil ‘Yun Seok-yeol stone statue of yen’ to Han Jun-ho’s ‘Sniping Tori’s mother Kim Gun-hee’

Democratic Party Representative Song Young-gil (left), Democratic Party lawmaker Jun-ho Han / File photo from Kyunghyang Newspaper, Rep. Jun-ho Han’s Facebook page

About 100 days before the presidential election, the Democratic Party of Korea was again engulfed in a rumor scandal. CEO Song Young-gil said that “Japanese yen” was placed on a stone table to take issue with the photo of Yoon Seok-yeol’s first birthday party, but it turned out to be an old Hanwha. Rep. Han Jun-ho, head of the executive office of presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, was also criticized for hurting infertility and infertile families by emphasizing that Kim did not give birth, calling Yun’s wife Kim Gun-hee a ‘mother of Tory (Yoon’s dog)’. Although both of them made an official apology, even within the Democratic Party, there is criticism that “it was already a crisis, but it caused a headwind.”

Over the weekend, rumors of the Democratic Party broke out one after another. First, the remarks made by CEO Song about the photo of candidate Yoon’s first birthday party became a problem.

In the afternoon of the 19th, at the ‘National Solidarity for Economic Democratization and Peaceful Unification’ (Minpyeongryeon) 2021 general meeting, Song said, “I was born as the son of a wealthy Yonsei University professor close to Japan to the extent that yen was placed on a stone table instead of Korean money at the first birthday party. Yoon Seok-yeol passed the bar exam and graduated from Seoul National University Law School, where he became the prosecutor general. He said, “I live in the position of the former leader, and I am screaming fairness and common sense, saying I will protect liberal democracy again, and what I will do.

Regarding this candidate, he said, “He was born as the son of Jeon-min Hwa, the seventh of a family of nine, and worked as a boy craftsman in a factory. I went to Chung-Ang University with the GED and passed the bar exam, but I did not walk the path of a judge or prosecutor. I would like to see you,” he said. It seems that he was trying to show the difference from Candidate Jae-myung Lee by highlighting the background of Yoon’s wealthy growth.

However, when the photo was enlarged, it was confirmed that the bill was an old Korean currency bill. On the banknote was written ‘Thousand Hwan’ in Korean.

On the 20th, CEO Song, who was embarrassed, expressed regret, saying, “I admit my mistake.” The People’s Power criticized Song as “a typical false negative and black propaganda.”

The Democratic Party has also been criticized for comparing the childbirth status of Candidate Yun’s wife, Kim Gun-hee, and Lee’s wife, Kim Hye-kyung.

On the 17th, Rep. Han Jun-ho, the head of Lee’s execution office, posted on social networking service (SNS), “The first lady also represents the national dignity,” saying, “Kim Hye-kyung, mother of two children vs. Kim Geon-hee, mother of Tori.”

Tori is the name of candidate Yoon’s dog. Kim Hye-kyung gave birth to two children and raised them, but it was interpreted that Kim Geon-hee was prepared for the fact that she had no children and only raised dogs.

As the controversy grew, a lawmaker deleted the two people’s modifiers and rewritten the part as “Kim Hye-kyung vs. Kim Kun-hee.”

People’s Strength Rep. Seong Il-jong said, “It is not that Candidate Yoon and Mrs. Kim Kun-hee did not have children because they wanted them. Kim Kun-hee has been pregnant in the past.” “At the time when the National Intelligence Service comment investigation scandal grew, it is said that Kim Kun-hee was shocked and miscarried. That is why the Yoon couple have not had children until now,” he said. Afterwards, the People’s Power attacked, saying, “An apology from Candidate Lee, who has hurt infertility and infertile families, and appropriate measures are necessary.”

A lawmaker belatedly said, “There is controversy and criticism because of my post a few days ago. We sincerely apologize to those who felt uncomfortable or hurt because of this.” “I never intended to classify women by their childbirth status, but I admit that there was a possibility of misunderstanding in the expression process,” he said.

Even within the party, concerns and criticisms were mixed. It was pointed out that Chairman Song, the party’s permanent election chairperson, and a lawmaker, who was the closest assistant to Lee, caused headwinds.

Rep. Han Joong-jin said in a phone call on the 21st, “Even though the party is in crisis, I don’t feel a sense of crisis at all.” “What do you do if you run for a candidate? Please speak carefully and return to the people’s livelihood.”


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