Monday, November 29

Because of the bad weather… the balcony of a property in Alexandria collapsed (photos)

03:38 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

The balcony of an apartment in an old property collapsed in the Mina al-Basal area in the West Alexandria neighborhood, early this morning, Sunday, due to bad weather, without causing any injuries.

The operations room of the West Alexandria district received a report stating that the balcony of a property on Prince Lulu Street had fallen in front of the Industrial Secondary School in Mina Al-Basal, and district officials moved to the location of the communication.

The inspection revealed that the property consists of four floors, an old building, inhabited by residents, and the balcony of the fourth floor fell due to heavy rain and wind, without causing any injuries or losses.

The bad weather continues to hit the neighborhoods of Alexandria, accompanied by heavy thunderstorms, northwesterly winds and a noticeable drop in temperatures, coinciding with the broom core.

Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, announced the continuation of raising the level of maximum preparedness and emergency in all executive agencies in the governorate, in order to deal with the state of instability in weather conditions.

The governor decided to suspend studies in all Al-Azhar schools and institutes, “students and teachers,” today, Sunday, and to disrupt work in government departments, while Alexandria University decided to suspend studies, due to the bad weather.

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