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Faisal Al-Ghazzawi: The UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia can compete with global tourist destinations

07:07 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Faisal Al-Ghazawi, the Saudi traveler, said that the Arab countries are witnessing an unprecedented state of development and development, which draws the world’s attention to the Arab region, explaining that the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are leading this movement strongly.

Al-Ghazzawi added, in press statements, that Dubai is one of the most important tourist destinations globally, as well as Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, next to Giza, Luxor and Aswan, noting that the Riyadh season and the entertainment venues witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia put it in the list of tourist destinations in the Arab world.

Al-Ghazzawi added that the Arab countries have not exploited all their tourism potentials so far, but recent years have witnessed a boom, which confirms that we will see different things in the coming period, and it is expected that the Arab region will become attractive to different tourists.

Faisal Al-Ghazzawi explained that Dubai is now competing with the world’s most famous tourist destinations, as well as Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, but we need different marketing methods, similar to what other countries are doing.

Al-Ghazzawi suggested organizing tourism protocols between the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, because integration and cooperation will reap many fruits from organizing tourism programs that include the three countries, and such protocols attract different tourists, which have a significant impact on the Arab economy.

Al-Ghazzawi said that the Arab countries are on the path of stability, which affects the activity of tourism, which is an important industry for all countries of the world.​

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