Sunday, November 28

Following Kim Doo-kwan, Lee Kwang-jae also resigned as president of the previous election, “Proposal to organize a citizen’s camp”

Kim Doo-kwan (left) of the Democratic Party of Korea and Lee Kwang-jae, lawmaker / file photo of Kyunghyang Newspaper

Amid the accelerating reform of the Democratic Party’s presidential election campaign committee, Lee Jae-myung, two co-chairs of the election, Kim Doo-kwan and Lee Kwang-jae, resigned from their positions one after another.

Rep. Lee posted on his social networking service (SNS) on the 21st, saying, “I am giving up my presidency for the sake of the new Republic of Korea.”

Rep. Lee said, “On the first day of the election, I said that the boats on board should be burned when they cross the river.” “It is a time for fundamental innovation.”

He added, “I propose a civic camp for candidates and supporters to come together,” he said.

Rep. Lee said, “We need to create a completely new government that will change the ‘fate’ of the Republic of Korea, not the level of regime change. Also, “Candidate Jae-myung Lee, Candidate Seok-yeol Yoon, and CEO Jun-seok Lee. He said, “The fact that those who have no experience in the National Assembly were elected is a command from the people to fundamentally change the political realm itself,” he said.

Rep. Lee participated in the party’s presidential primary, but dropped out of the race after uniting with former Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun, and was named as a member of the 13 co-election chairpersons in the election committee.

Rep. Lee’s resignation is the second time after Rep. Kim Doo-gwan the day before. Rep. Kim said in a SNS post, “I agree with what candidate Lee said about reshaping the predecessor. For the sake of ‘a nimble captain, a working captain, I first declare myself.’ Also, I will resign as the co-chair of the balanced development committee directly under the candidate who took care of me as a primary candidate and entrusted it to me.”

Rep. Kim said, “I’m not the type of person who usually covets job titles, and what I can do well is to work through the boulevard and work hard, but nothing will change just because I’m out of line,” he said.

The Democratic Party is scheduled to hold an emergency general meeting of the House of Representatives on the afternoon to discuss plans to renew the election committee.

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