GS25 opens its first ‘self-supporting company’ convenience store in Jeju Island

GS25 opened the first ‘self-supporting company’ in Jeju Island, GS25 Seogwigwangjang branch.

According to GS25 on the 21st, in June 2017, it signed a business agreement with the Korea Self-Support Welfare Development Center under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and under the slogan of ‘Tomorrow to create a happy tomorrow through My job’ for self-support work for the vulnerable in the local community. Contribution-type convenience store ‘Tomorrow Store’ is in operation.

When self-support participants who worked at ‘Tomorrow Store’ learn store management know-how and open an actual store, GS25 calls it a ‘self-supporting company’ convenience store, and supports the independence of the underprivileged with discounts on membership fees and sales support.

In January of last year, GS25 and the Seogwi Foil Workplace Sharing Community Self-Support Center first introduced the ‘Tomorrow Store’ store, GS25 Seogwi Gwangjang, for the self-support work project in Jeju Island. Manager Yeo-ryeong Kim, who was a participant in self-sufficiency in the store, built up her will and confidence in self-sufficiency through her work. After that, she hoped to take over and operate the GS25 Seogwigwangjang branch. did.

In the conversion of GS25 Seogwigwangjang branch to a self-supporting company, the public and private sectors contributed to GS25’s discount on membership fees, as well as support for start-up costs and operating funds of 80 million won from the Korea Self-Support Welfare Development Institute. A GS25 official said, “We plan to expand social contribution stores with the opening of Jeju’s first self-supporting convenience store.

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