Sunday, November 28

“If you don’t like feminism, don’t kill women,” said Jang Hye-young, Lee Jun-seok, “men should disappear from the frame of potential perpetrators”

Lee Jun-seok, leader of the People’s Power, and Jang Hye-young, lawmaker of the Justice Party. Kyunghyang Newspaper file photo

People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok and Justice Party lawmaker Jang Hye-young had an argument on social media on the 21st over the murder case. Rep. Jang’s argument that “If you don’t like feminism, don’t kill women,” Lee argued that it was “a frame that views men as potential perpetrators.”

Rep. Jang shared an article about the arrest of a man in his 30s who stabbed his lover several times on social media the day before and threw him from the 19th floor of an apartment building. “The brutal deaths of women who were killed because they said we should break up are being reported every day,” said Rep. Jang. He wrote, “How can women not be feminists in a world where they are stabbed and killed on the 19th floor after saying goodbye.” Rep. Jang continued, “If you don’t like feminism, don’t kill women. Take the lead in ensuring women’s safety.”

Representative Lee introduced these social media remarks by Rep. Jang on SNS on the 21st and argued that “there is an election time, and attempts are slowly starting to weave this and that crime with feminism.” CEO Lee said, “What would happen if we looked at the Koojeong case in this way and generalized it?” “After seeing the case where the ex-husband was killed by feeding him zolpidem, and the body of the mass-murdered body was placed in a pay-as-you-go bag and dumped at sea, the general public I only see Go Jeong-jeong as a vicious murderer. Because he is a woman, he is not trying to incite or incite a gender conflict.”

CEO Lee said, “All discriminatory discourses, from anti-Semitism to racism in the past, start with this stereotyping and agitation. I hope the frame of ‘males are potential perpetrators’, which is no different, disappears from the political arena at the end of 2021.”

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