Meteorology: Rain on the northern and Cairo coasts in the coming hours

09:47 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Dr. Iman Shaker, Director of the Remote Sensing Center at the General Authority of Meteorology, said that the state of unstable weather started in many areas and affected the northern coasts and Lower Egypt, and also extended to include Cairo and some areas of northern Upper Egypt.

And “Shaker” added, in a telephone interview to the “This Morning” program on “Extra News” satellite channel, today, Sunday, that many cities of the Canal witnessed rain, such as Ismailia, Suez and Sinai, and it continued throughout the day, explaining that the most affected cities were Alexandria, Matrouh and Kafr El-Sheikh. Beheira, Damietta and Port Said, and for the governorates of Greater Cairo, the rains continued throughout the night, from light to moderate intensity at night in various regions.

And she added, today, it is expected that the intensity of instability will ease and the amounts of rain will decrease in most areas, explaining that for the northern coasts, the rains are expected to be moderate, and for the interior of Lower Egypt, the rains will be light to medium.

Meteorology confirmed that light rain is expected today in Greater Cairo during the coming hours, explaining that the rains in Sinai will be moderate, and due to the geographical nature in Sinai, some torrents may form on it, noting that temperatures witnessed a noticeable decrease and some cold in the late hours. From night and early morning, and it is expected to increase by one to two degrees in the coming days

Shaker added that on the northern coasts, moderate rains are expected, accompanied by lightning and thunder in some areas.

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