Monday, November 29

National Interest article: America has decided to leave Afghanistan..Leave it in peace

Publication of the National Interest websiteThe National Interest) An article criticizing Washington’s freezing of Afghanistan’s financial assets in American and European banks under the pretext of fearing that they will be used by the Taliban for terrorist purposes.

In her article for the newspaper, Sheryl Benard, director of programs at the RAND Corporation, said that the United Nations estimates that at least 70 percent of the Afghan people are poor, and what the United States needs to do now is not to clamp down on the 40 million Afghans that it supposedly exploited. The past 20 years to improve their lives.

She pointed out that Afghanistan has $9 billion in American and European banks, and the World Bank manages a trust fund of $13 billion for Afghanistan, of which about $800 million is spent on the public sector, salaries and public programs, and the US Treasury has ordered the freezing of all those funds.

Noting that the United States is thus practicing a scorched-earth policy in Afghanistan, Benard said that America is thus behaving like some tyrants who sprinkle salt on their opponents’ agricultural lands so that nothing grows there and its people starve.

She explained that the Afghan people – including the Taliban movement that rules them – have urgent and legitimate needs, and they have money to pay for them, stressing the importance of feeding the army and supplying it with its needs, “in times of crisis, no one wants armed young men to roam hungry in the country.”

She warned that the West wants the Taliban to fight ISIS, but the movement will not be able to do so if it fails to rule Afghanistan.

“Let them live in peace”

The writer believed that the United States should not abandon Afghanistan, but it should also let the Afghan people live in peace, noting that America had harmed the Afghan people enough, even as it was withdrawing from their country, as it had performed the last strike carried out by the American army during its withdrawal from Afghanistan by a drone To the killing of 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 children, in an “accident” that the US inspector general described as a “clear mistake.”

It is estimated that the American war in Afghanistan claimed the lives of 71,000 civilians due to the direct military operations of the American army.

“How many mistakes can we tolerate when we kill people who never asked us to come to remake their country and their culture?” she asks.

Benard concluded that the United States had no right in most of what it did in Afghanistan, did not have the right to freeze Afghan money now, and should allow Afghans to run their country’s affairs in peace.

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