Sunday, November 28

Railways decides to adjust train times in Lower Egypt

10:18 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

The National Railways Authority of Egypt announced the re-operation, extension and modification of some trains on some lines in Lower Egypt, as of Monday.

The new dates were as follows:

– As of 11/22/ 2021

First restart 3 trains

Re-running the 658-passenger Muharram Bek/Al-Hamam train with 6 improved cars (Long live Egypt)

Re-running the 565-passenger train from Menouf / Tanta, with 7 distinct cars

Re-running the 546-passenger train from Tanta / Menouf, with 7 distinct cars

Second: Adjusting the dates of 4 trains

Adjusting the date of the 541-passenger train, Menouf / Tanta

Adjusting the time for the 67-passenger train, Tanta / Mansoura

– Amending the timing of the 501-passenger train in Tanta / Qilin / Sherbeen

– The route of the 657 train will be extended to Muharram Bek station instead of El Dabaa

As of 11/23/2012

The 646 train station will be modified to start from Al-Hammam station instead of Dabaa

The new dates can be found in the following tables:

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