The fall of the gang of three rioters to steal cars in Giza

11:49 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

4 incidents of theft carried out by 3 criminal elements who formed a gang of car thefts that led policemen to arrest them in Giza.

The information of Major Mostafa Abdullah, chief of the Giza Investigations, confirmed Takween (3 unemployed – two of them have criminal information – residents of Al-Moneeb area) a gang formation specialized in perpetrating car thefts in the style of breaking the calon, taken from the police department departments (Agouza – the first and second October – October Gardens) as a stage to carry out their criminal activity.

After legalizing the procedures, they were targeted, and Captain Omar Mubarak, assistant to the Giza Investigations, was able to arrest them, and they confessed to committing 4 incidents and led to the seized cars.

Emancipation of the record too much of the incident, and notified the public prosecutor to investigate.

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