Monday, November 29

The Women’s Secretariat of the “Republican People” in Sohag organizes a symposium on women’s participation in political life

01:59 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

The Women’s Secretariat of the Republican People’s Party in Sohag Governorate, headed by Representative, Nancy Naim, member of the House of Representatives and Secretary of Women’s Party in the party, and under the supervision of Eng. Mohamed Oweida, Secretary General of the party in Sohag, organized an awareness seminar under the title “Positive Participation of Women in Political Life” in light of the empowerment of women in the republic The new headquarters of the party secretariat.

This came in the presence of Eng. Mohamed Owaida, Secretary General of the Party in Sohag Governorate, Representative Shaaban Lotfy, Member of Parliament, Mr. Ahmed Wael Al-Mashnab, and Mr. Akram Al-Omda, members of the party’s office.

The symposium dealt with the role of women in political life, in the presence of a group of party members, especially women, confirming to Masrawy that women are currently living their golden age during the era of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, explaining that women have now reached the highest leadership positions.

She pointed out that women have proven their ability to assume these positions thanks to the encouragement of President Sisi, pointing out that women have become well thought of by the political leadership.

Nancy pledged to continue supporting Egyptian women in all fields by the party and being a member of the House of Representatives as well, pointing out that Upper Egyptian women are an example to follow nowadays.

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