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Warnings to citizens due to the bad weather in Alexandria.. These categories are excluded from the decision to suspend work

01:55 AM

Sunday 21 November 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer
Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, to the Governor of Alexandria, called on citizens not to leave their homes except in cases of extreme necessity, and in the event of disembarking, all safety procedures and announced instructions must be followed in order to preserve their safety.
Al-Sharif indicated that he excludes from the decision leaders, work crews and shifts, according to the needs determined by the responsible authorities.
He pointed out that this is the framework of keenness to provide an opportunity for the agencies and concerned authorities to take all necessary measures and to deal immediately with the repercussions of the instability in the weather and the negative effects resulting from it, and to preserve the safety of citizens.
Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, had decided to suspend work on Sunday, in all government departments, except for water, sanitation, ambulance, electricity and other necessary facilities.
Al-Sharif explained that this decision comes to confront those conditions and the effects resulting from the wave of bad weather that Alexandria Governorate is going through.

A wave of bad weather continued to hit the coasts of Alexandria, accompanied by heavy thunderstorms, northwesterly winds and a noticeable drop in temperatures, coinciding with the broom core.
In a related context, Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, decided to suspend studies in all schools and to continue raising the level of maximum preparedness and emergency in neighborhoods and executive bodies, in order to deal with the wave of bad weather and rainfall.
The heavy rain that has continued since Saturday morning has caused the accumulation of water under bridges and tunnels, as well as the streets of popular areas and hot places that suffer from problems in the sewage network.

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