Monday, November 29

Yoon Seok-yeol, “The Moon Jae-in government is a government with fake jobs”…

On the 21st, Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for People’s Strength, criticized the government’s employment policy by posting a post titled “The Moon Jae-in government is a government with fake jobs.” Candidate Yoon attacked the passport real estate policy the day before, citing the Moon Jae-in administration’s charter policy and the Democratic Party’s enforcement of the 3 rental laws. Previously, he defined the Moon Jae-in administration’s fiscal policy as ‘cash-spreading’, and discussed the possibility of breaking the 9/19 inter-Korean military agreement, which is evaluated as a concrete outcome of the Moon administration’s North Korea policy. He also announced that he would re-promote the construction of nuclear power plants. It is interpreted that the Moon Jae-in government’s ‘erase’ strategy is also intended to erase weaknesses in the policy field.

People’s Power presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol enters the SBS Prism Tower in Mapo-gu, Seoul to attend the SBS D forum ’50 million voices, looking for a conductor’ on the 18th. Parliamentary photojournalists

Candidate Yoon wrote in a social networking service on the same day, “If you look at the reality that is being revealed recently, it is correct to say that the Moon Jae-in government is a job-destroying government, not a job-creating government.” Candidate Yoon said that although the number of jobs increased, part-time jobs and public jobs increased. It has almost doubled.” It also revealed that the number of full-time workers plummeted by 21.2%. The quality of jobs has deteriorated. “This is the real report card of the Moon Jae-in administration, which advocates for a job-seeking government,” said Candidate Yoon.

“If I become president, I will do everything the government can do to create jobs,” Yoon said. “The jobs are created by businesses, not by the government. They are created by challenging and creative individuals,” he wrote, adding, “The next government will definitely improve the job issue dramatically.”

The day before, Candidate Yoon criticized the passport’s real estate policy by posting an article titled “Real estate talent sang by arrogance and self-righteousness.” It is interpreted as an intention to stand at the center of the anti-Moon Jae-in solidarity by criticizing the Moon Jae-in administration’s overall policy and to enjoy a clear contrast effect.

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