Monday, November 29

Yun Seok-yeol’s Honam wins… Scraping up anti-municipal politicians from the former Democrats

Yoon Seok-yeol, who is about to launch, is putting his life and death on the line to attract politicians from Honam and Ban-moon (Jae-in). There are a number of former Democratic Party politicians who are helping Candidate Yoon, such as former Democratic Party leader Kim Han-gil taking on the position of chairman of the preparation committee for a new era on the 21st. Kim Kyung-jin, special assistant for external cooperation at the Yun Seok-yeol camp, Kim Geun-sik, director of the Vision Strategy Office, Kim Young-hwan, the head of the recruitment committee, and Yoo Jong-pil, the standing advisor, were selected during the election process.

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