Monday, November 29

[단독]Yang Jeong-cheol, “I have nothing to start on… Lee Hae-chan’s pitching theory is also rude.”

“It is more helpful to help appropriately outside.”
Democrats dismissed the ‘salvation pitcher theory’
Gun-Young Yoon “It won’t take long to get back on track”

Yang Jeong-cheol, former director of the Institute for Democracy. Kyunghyang Newspaper material photo

Yang Jeong-cheol, former head of the Institute for Democracy, is reported to have dismissed speculation that he would serve as a relief pitcher for the Democratic Party’s presidential election countermeasures committee, which is currently in crisis. Lee Hae-chan, former leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, also drew a line as “disrespectful talk” about the rise and fall.

At a dinner with some Democratic lawmakers on the 23rd, Yang said, “I wish I didn’t talk about my appearance. I say it again, but that’s not going to happen,” said lawmakers present.

Former Director Yang said, “A person who has been warming up in the bullpen gets up when the timing comes. said. He explained, “Of course, the situation is difficult, so anyone should do anything with the heart of the woman wearing a cloth skirt during the Battle of Haengju, but for now, it is right for those in charge to create a new trend responsibly.”

Former President Yang said, “I have frequent discussions with former President Lee Hae-chan, and I know that he will act as an advisor in name and reality. It is not polite to talk about starting a career with a title.” When targeting Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for People’s Strength, an attempt to recruit Kim Jong-in, former chairman of the emergency response committee, he said, “Isn’t Lee Hae-chan comparable to someone in the other party in terms of loyalty, economy, and political status?”

Democratic Party lawmaker Yoon Geon-young appeared on YTN radio the day before and weighed on the possibility that former president Lee and former president Yang would join the line. Rep. Yoon, who is counted as President Moon Jae-in’s double heart, said, “We will have to wait and see the results, but it doesn’t seem like it will take long.”

Earlier, former president Yang said at a private meeting of the Democratic Party Recruitment and Proportional Representatives meeting on the 17th, “I don’t feel a sense of crisis or urgency or urgency for victory with the presidential election just around the corner.” He said, “There are a lot of leisurely drinking parties among lawmakers, and the reality is that there are more people who are thinking of going out and still do not run to death in the area. It was the first time I saw it during the disastrous 2007 presidential election,” he said.

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