After his health condition improved, the brother of the actress, Tayseer Fahmy, died of suffocation in a hospital fire

Taysir Fahmy said that the fire that broke out inside the hospital’s oxygen room caused the death of her brother asphyxiation, along with another patient.

After the death of her sister 9 months ago, the Egyptian artist, Tayseer Fahmy, announced hours ago the news of her brother Ali’s death, and the actress wrote – on her Facebook page – “My brother Ali is under the protection of God.”

Fire due to electrical short

A few days ago, the brother of the Egyptian actress was lying in a hospital in the Mohandessin neighborhood in Cairo, being treated for chest pain, but the death came as a result of a fire that broke out inside a hospital due to an electrical short.

In press statements, Tayseer Fahmy indicated that her brother had recently suffered from a health crisis, and felt severe pain in the chest, which led to the suspicion of being infected with the Corona virus, but the medical swab confirmed that he was not infected with the emerging corona virus, and he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, so he was diagnosed. He was kept in the intensive care room, and his condition had improved and he was preparing to go out to complete treatment at home, after his condition no longer required hospital.

Fahmy said that the fire that broke out inside the hospital’s oxygen room on the first floor, caused his death, along with another patient, asphyxiation.

Civil protection operations in Giza Governorate had received a signal from the emergency police that thick smoke had risen inside a hospital, and 3 firefighting vehicles had been sent. The fire caused an electrical short, which resulted in the death of two people, and the injury of two others who are undergoing treatment.

It is worth noting that the last artwork presented by the artist, Tayseer Fahmy, was an “actor” that was shown in 2012, but after that she preferred to stay away and focus on her personal life, content with the success she achieved during her career that she started in the late seventies of the last century.

And the beginning of Tayseer Fahmy’s fame came after she formed a successful duo with the artist Ahmed Zaki, so she participated in the championship “The Float 70”, directed by Khairy Bishara, and “The Promised Night” by Yahya Alami. .

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