Sunday, November 28

Approval of 143 requests to legalize state lands in Minya

01:10 PM

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Minya – Mohamed El-Nadi:

Major General Osama Al-Qadi, Governor of Minya, said that it was approved to proceed with the completion of the procedures for legalizing 143 applications; For state property lands, inside and outside the reins for a distance of 2 km, and the Western Desert Back, which have met all the controls and conditions for legalization, in accordance with Law 144 of 2017 and its executive regulations.

This came during a meeting of the Supreme Committee for Decision, to complete the implementation of the state’s plan to deal with the file of legalizing the situation of squatters on state property lands.

The committee reviewed cases of legalization of status for cases approved by the Military Survey Department, in preparation for taking legalization procedures for these cases and issuing contracts.

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