Before winter enters, learn how to protect against the dangers of heaters

06:30 AM

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Books – Mohamed Salah:

The Electricity Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency is keen to provide the necessary advice to citizens to ensure that they are not exposed to any risks when using sensitive electrical appliances.

The device indicated that there are several conditions that must be followed to protect against the dangers of the heater before entering the winter season officially, and they came as follows:-

1- Ensure that there is an automatic circuit breaker to cut off the current in the event of a short circuit.

2- Ensuring the safety of electrical wiring using wires and electrical equipment of a well-known brand and a good type.

3- Not to pass wire extensions under the mattress or carpet so as not to cause a fire.

4- Avoid using electrical connections from a single source.

5- Do not place heaters on flammable pieces of furniture (cabinets – tables), and the distance between the heater and the furniture should not be less than a meter at least.

6- Not to use it as a tool for ignition, heating or drying clothes.

7- It is taken into account to separate the electric current from the heater when the heating of the place reaches the required degree, especially during sleep.

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