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Behind the scenes of Silicon Valley.. Modern series and documentaries reveal the details of the world of entrepreneurship

If the primary means of learning in the distant past – and perhaps the recent also – was reading books or listening to lectures, then the means of learning in our current time include films, series, the Internet, digital education platforms, and other tools that have not been available to humanity throughout the ages. A single documentary may save you from attending dozens of lectures and lessons, and a two-hour movie may raise ideas and questions in your head that you may not pass for your whole life.

It is not much different in the world of entrepreneurship. Fortunately, the visual library is filled with many international works that shed light on the world of business and finance in general, and the world of startups in particular. With the multiplicity of these works over the years, we highlight here the latest films and entrepreneurship series that have been produced in recent years in particular.

Bill Gates’ brain

“No one has ever tried to change my weird looks or the way I bite my glasses, they have become a mainstay in my life…I read and chew my glasses, that’s my job.”

(Bill Gates)

In 2019, Netflix launched a 3-episode documentary series, A Journey Inside Bill’s Mind: Decoding Bill Gates. The documentary, which gained a large following on the network, is considered one of the most documentaries focusing on multiple aspects of the life of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the world for a long time, before it was snatched from him by Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Each episode of the series lasts about 50 minutes, and each one deals with a separate topic from Gates’ life.

The series combines the human aspects of Bill Gates, including the very personal aspects, and the professional aspects, and it highlights the path of his rise and founding Microsoft and the relationships that he managed to adapt to reach this success. Dozens of amazing situations were mentioned in the series, including Gates staying up long nights to achieve his ambition to build his company, to the point that he was eating orange powder with his hands while staying up late, to gain some energy that helps him stay up late and complete the work.

Even minute details that seem unimportant to everyone are covered in the series; Bill Gates’ favorite food, his favorite animal, and even his most prominent fears in life, which he summarized by saying: “I don’t want my brain to stop working.” This brain is known in the world as one of the brains that loves to read, as one of Gates’s workers stated that he reads 14 books on his vacation, at a rate of up to 150 pages per hour. This fast rate of reading is behind the secret that Gates revealed in the series as well.

In the first episode, Gates explains his views on the importance of creating a better healthy environment for humans, especially in the poorest and driest regions. In the second episode, Gates delves into the details of his personal life and how he started everything from scratch, and how he gave up completing his university career to found his company in the mid-seventies, and also talks about the story of his marriage and Melinda after he turned 38. As for the third episode, it highlights the most important issue that Gates deals with during his life, which is the attempt to overcome global warming and climate change, and how technology and creative solutions can help in this.

Silicon Valley .. Behind the scenes of entrepreneurship

The series “Silicon Valley” is a true work in its title, as it sheds full light on the world of startups in Silicon Valley in a detail that takes from the events and situations that occur daily in the valley as a basis for the plot of the series and not just a dramatic background. The series is considered the most famous among those interested in the world of entrepreneurship, its production began in 2014 and ran over six seasons until 2019, achieving a high level of views, especially in its first seasons.

Richard Hendricks is the archetype of a socially reclusive young American entrepreneur who, along with a group of fellow eccentric programmers, can develop a unique music app he calls Bed Piper. After developing the application, Hendrix applies to venture capital funds in Silicon Valley to support and finance his project, only to be surprised that everyone completely ignores it, and later ridicules it. of stealing and imitating it, and not ending by tempting the team with all kinds of temptations to give up their ownership of the company.

Episodes of the series range from 20 to 30 minutes in length, which makes it quick to watch for large segments of entrepreneurs who are primarily inclined to the idea of ​​speed. Each episode of the series discusses a central topic related to entrepreneurship, but in a context related to the main dramatic direction of the series, and not in separate episodes. This series is considered by many to be one of the most important works of art that sheds light on what is happening behind the scenes in Silicon Valley, whether on the side of enthusiasm, ambition and huge money, or on the side of immoral policies and greed and the use of devious methods and methods to acquire companies or even destroy them to get them out of the country. The competition.

Sandbox.. Korea’s corporate struggle

A Korean series that was broadcast for the first time at the end of 2020 on a Korean TV channel and is distributed through the global network “Netflix”. The series “Sandbox” delves into the world of entrepreneurs in one of the most technical and creative countries in the world, South Korea, and its events take place inside a fictional entity called “Sandbox”, which is equivalent to the American Silicon Valley.

Seo Dal Mi, a young Korean entrepreneur who is obsessed with Steve Jobs and sees him as her role model, dreams of being the Korean version of him. Although she does not have a distinguished technical background in the field of business, her ambition in this field and her passion for achieving achievement in her startup company overshadows everything else, especially after she obtained good experience in wide areas in which she worked partly.

On the other hand, we have Sam Doosan, founder of a technology company that has big problems in the Korean market. Sam meets Seo Dal Mi and decides to be business partners in her startup. The events accelerate with a mixture of drama and pioneering details, with dramas from time to time dominating the course of events, as is the case with Korean dramas in general.

The series includes 10 episodes, each episode is about 80 minutes long. It can be said that the series, despite its dramatic dimension, clearly reveals the entrepreneurial environment in South Korea, especially with regard to the development of high-tech in this country, and the backgrounds of growth, competition and conflict mixed with human and personal dimensions that include feelings of love, passion, defeat and defeat.

Self-made.. The story of Madame Walker

One of the best limited series that aired on the “Netflix” platform in early 2020, its black female lead, Octavia Spencer, was nominated for the Best Actress Award in the Drama Series of the Year. The series is based on the true story of CJ Walker, the first black self-made millionaire in US history.

The series begins with a poor environment in which black Americans live at the end of the nineteenth century, where the simple lady Sarah, who makes her living doing laundry, begins to sell cosmetics she made herself to improve the girls’ hair. Black girls begin to be drawn to the exotic product that Sarah develops, and it turns out it’s just as good. Later, with people buying her product, Sarah aspires to open a factory to sell her products despite all the difficulties she faces in a completely racist environment.

When Sarah heads to New York to find an investor to help her realize her dream, personal, family, and health problems begin to pile up on her, and she begins searching for an heir to the empire she created. The series comes in only four episodes, each episode is about 45 minutes long.

Although the series clearly discusses the problems of racism against blacks that were at its peak in American society at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, it includes many pioneering ideas, especially the idea of ​​self-reliance in product development and modernization that Ms. Joker carried out throughout her journey in building Its financial empire and its expansion, and its scenes contain many important signs for entrepreneurs, especially those who are still in the process of establishing their start-ups, which is undoubtedly the most difficult stage.

Quick win… when ambition gets you involved

When the young Swedish entrepreneur “Lea” begins looking for an investor to support her promising tech startup, her dreams collide with many of the usual obstacles in the world of entrepreneurship in general, until she can finally reach an investor who cares about her project and promises it generous funding, but the only condition for the investor is that she return “Lea” all the money that she took from previous investors in her project, so that he would inject his money into her startup and get a larger share.

Generously the offer, Leah is forced to find a way to return the money to her company’s first investors, which hardly covers the running costs of the project. Therefore, she had no choice but to take a loan from a famous person in the world of drug trade, to return the money to the first investors and then get the big new investment that she was waiting for. But the winds come with what ships do not desire, as usual, and getting out of the world of crime was not as easy as entering it, as she thought.

“Snabba Cash” is a Swedish series, starring a young Swedish actress of Kurdish origin, Evin Ahmed, that was broadcast on “Netflix” in 2021, and it consists of 6 episodes ranging in length from 45 to 50 minutes. The series received good positive criticism, which made “Netflix” announce the release of a second part of it by 2022.

The series is crowded with pioneering details in many of its scenes, business incubators, investors, venture capital funds, the language of entrepreneurship, stocks, company valuations, and everything else related to the world of entrepreneurship, however, all these details come in an interesting and mysterious dramatic framework, especially when the events of the series escalate within worlds of crime.

The manager.. the beginning of an old coat

The series “The Director” (Girl Boss) was first broadcast on “Netflix” in 2017, and it consists of 13 episodes, and it seems that it did not achieve the expected mass success; It was announced that the series had ended after the first season and had not been renewed for a second season. In fact, the series carries a mixture of social drama with great backgrounds on the world of business and company establishment.

The series explores the biography of young Greek, Portuguese and Italian entrepreneur Sofia Amoroso, who founded a fashion startup called “Nasty Gal”. The idea for the company came to Sophia when she was able to buy a coat worth 600 dollars for as little as 9 dollars, which made her start her company by buying and selling from “eBay” and then developing her business model to establish an online store to sell fashion and fashion.

The series may be considered weak in terms of drama and speed of events, so do not expect that you will enjoy everything you see, but it is also full of entrepreneurial ideas and an entrepreneurial atmosphere, and certainly a lot of female content that serves the role of the heroine Sophia, played by actress Britt Robertson efficiently.

In the end, despite the fact that these series mainly aim to achieve fun and entertainment, they include many scenes and ideas that will inevitably add something to the awareness of every novice or veteran entrepreneur, and give him a clearer perception of the details of this world with its advantages and shortcomings. One of the best quotes in one of the scenes of the series “Silicon Valley” is what “Gilfoil”, one of the central characters in the series, said, summarizing the concept of success in the world of entrepreneurship: “It’s not magic, it’s just skill and a lot of sweat.”



  • The series mentioned in the list are among the author’s personal views, and all information in the report is derived from the description of the series themselves.

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